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"Take Five" In Internet Security    (Read the Compact Version)
The top security problem facing Internet users today is not email or even about email, however it deeply affects email security. This problem is well-known yet we meekly accept it "as it is" everyday. But the paradigm may shift in five minutes.
Ed Gerck, Ph.D. and Vernon Neppe, M.D., Ph.D.

The email security-usability dichotomy: Necessary antinomy or potential synergism? (PDF)
Consensus-based analytic metrics for usability and security are applied to rate available secure email systems, thereby calculating a respective score for each system tested, including X.509/PKI, PGP, Voltage (IBE), and ZSentry Mail (Zmail).
Vernon Neppe, M.D., Ph.D.

Secure Email Technologies X.509 / PKI, PGP, IBE, AND ZMAIL - A Usability & Security Comparison (PDF)
The comparison is based on a list of 33 desirable secure email features and 17 shortcomings (attacks and problems), as a metric for quantitative evaluation. Usability and Security Scores are defined and take into account the use environment.
Ed Gerck, Ph.D.

Comparison Of Secure Email Technologies - X.509 / PKI, PGP, and IBE
Specification of desirable features as well as a list of attacks or problems that can affect secure email.
Ed Gerck, Ph.D.

Overview of Certification Systems: X.509, CA, PGP and SKIP (PDF)
This work deals with digital certification issues. Of relevance to secure email, X.509/PKIX Certificates, Certification Authorities (CAs), and PGP are reviewed.
Ed Gerck, Ph.D.

What Email Needs, Part I
A discussion paper. If email needs security, why is email encryption not used?
Ed Gerck, Ph.D.

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Why Johnny Can't Encrypt: A Usability Evaluation of PGP 5.0

Overview of Certification Systems: X.509, CA, PGP and SKIP


Guidelines on Workplace E-mail, Web Browsing and Privacy

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